Praise for The Metail Economy

“Shoppers who read the book will recognize their own evolution as consumers… Retailers will see that knowing the demographics of their buyers and marketing to them is not enough… Bines knows his customer…”

“For operators of companies of all sizes, from startups to the largest retailers in the world, the book serves as both a powerful reminder and a very helpful guidebook and toolkit.”

“This groundbreaking book will show you how to develop a deep self-awareness about how your organization is viewed and valued by your customers and focus your efforts accordingly.”

“Evolving consumer needs are creating a new set of rules for companies. The Metail Economy does a brilliant job of highlighting what consumers expect, using powerful case studies of companies that have successfully addressed the heightened needs and wants of the most empowered generation of consumers yet. Joel Bines gives companies, big and small, key tools to succeed in this new environment.”

“As consumers, we each experience the shift in consumer power at retail, and Joel outlines clearly what companies must do to get ahead of the curve… not an option anymore.”

“As an executive and board member, I have benefited from Joel’s direct and to-the-point personality. His ‘voice’ comes through loud and clear in this book. A must-read for every executive to understand the implications of what customer-centric truly means. Joel leverages his no-nonsense style to help make clear what companies must do to change their strategies before it is too late. A great action-oriented read!”

“What Bines identifies in The Metail Economy transcends commerce. The Me-centric mindset spills over into every aspect of business, from hiring and retaining talent to establishing authentic connections with all stakeholders.”

“The power inversion Bines identifies is real. Companies that do not understand the lessons in The Metail Economy risk falling short with their customers and behind their competition.”

“The consumer revolution is upon us. The Metail Economy’s prescription is just what the doctor ordered.”

The Metail Economy identifies an important paradigm shift affecting all companies that hope to develop long-term, profitable relationships with customers.”

The Metail Economy identifies a critical consumer change that executives ignore at their peril.”

“An important and engaging book full of powerful insights and guidance. The Metail paradigm shift affects every business. Bines tells you what to do about it.”

“As an expert in leadership, CEO succession, and executive success, I recognize how important it is for a leader to be able to look beyond the horizon. In this book, Joel Bines provides a map to do just that, identifying a critical and largely overlooked change in the relationship between consumers and the companies that hope to serve them, explaining the change in a direct and digestible way and providing a set of ideas to help adapt legacy thinking. This book is essential reading for any executive who aspires to the C-suite and hopes to remain relevant to today’s demanding consumer.”

“Too often, men and women in business forget they are consumers. This leads them to speak about customers—and employees—as ‘they’ and ‘them,’ not as real people. By reminding us that we are all ‘Mes’—and that ‘Mes’ are a constantly moving target that can’t be taken for granted, even for a moment—Joel Bines has fired a warning shot over the bow of complacent companies and executives as well as providing a blueprint for success today and tomorrow.”

“Every strategic or operational decision must start with your customer, so understanding consumers is critical to business success. Bines lays out a clear and compelling case for a new consumer dynamic and therefore the need for a new operating model. His prescriptions are fresh and direct, and if you hope to stay ahead of the competition, The Metail Economy is required reading.”

“If you know Joel, you know he’s a no-nonsense expert with a broad and deep understanding of retail and the consumer. His ‘voice’ is  loud and clear throughout this book that should be required reading for anyone interested in understanding today’s consumer landscape. If you don’t know Joel, after reading this book, you will want to.”

“As a designer, it is imperative that I stay ahead of my customers. The Metail Economy is by far the best articulation of today’s dynamic consumer and the challenges facing every company that serves them. This the most intuitive and relevant book I’ve ever read on the challenges and, more importantly, the opportunities in retail today. A must-read!”

“I’ve watched Joel deliver remarkable results with companies in every conceivable type of situation with equal parts intelligence, passion, insight, objectivity, and honesty for two decades. He brings the same refreshing clarity and candor to these pages. The insights here will inform and entertain. You don’t want to read this book… you need to read this book.”

“I dedicated my professional career to understanding and serving the consumer and can say with certainty that the paradigm shift Bines identifies in The Metail Economy is real, urgent, and misunderstood. For those reasons it is essential reading, whether you are just starting your career or leading global firms. The lessons are clear and direct and will absolutely change your thinking.”

“Joel Bines is inspired and inspiring with his book The Metail Economy. Joel and his book are helping us to reinvent the world our world needs. Based on his vast experience and pertinent intuitions, Joel Bines helps us to intelligently and significantly upgrade our offers and services.”

“If I was ever in need of a 4 a.m. emergency call in retail, it would be to Joel Bines. The Metail Economy brilliantly, wittily—and engrossingly—describes the current state of emergency our beloved retail sector is in. Everyone should be making the 4 a.m. call right now, but read this first!”